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Coffee bean set “Kivu” + “Magnifico”

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Coffee Mate’s beans “Kivu”, 1 kg

This coffee was grown in a unique place – the valley of Virunga, toward the north of Lake Kivu. Coffee trees grow at 1500 – 2000 meters height above sea level. The complexity of the soil, humidity coming from the Lake of Kivu and tropical heat makes for the ideal conditions of this unique coffee to develop its taste. Coffee is grown in the small farms owned by local families, which are merged to KAKONDO cooperative. Coffee is grown naturally in the shadows of the trees, without any pesticides. All coffee is picked by hands and every farm harvests around five (60 kg) bags of coffee. For this reason, there is only a small amount of this unique coffee that reaches the market. Coffee is processed wet at Bukavu village, in the central location of the cooperative.

TASTE PROPERTIES: Roasted specially by request of Coffee Mate. Roasting level: CITY (medium). Prepared coffee drink will reveal taste of sweet dried fruits and marzipan, with long-lasting black chocolate aftertaste. You will feel a little bit of forest fruit sourness along with sweetness. Perfect for espresso.

Type: 100% Arabica Burbon/Kent.

100% original and natural.

No added flavours.

Coffee beans Café Liegeois “Magnifico”, 1 kg

This mix is a harmony of beans from 7 different countries: Ethiopia, Kenya, Mexico, Costa Rica, Cameroon, Togo and Brazil (100% Arabica). Warm, sweet and “viscous” aroma. Both taste and aroma will be filled with sweet raspberries in chocolate liqueur. Light berry sourness mixes with light chocolatey bitterness. After a cup of coffee you will feel long lasting chocolate aftertaste in your mouth.

No added flavours.

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