Bright aromas of ripe blueberries, black currants and Earl Grey tea. Sweet as forest berries. Pleasant berry aftertaste lingers for a long time. This is one of our most exclusive coffes - Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Try it and discover summer taste in a cup of coffee!


According to the scale created by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), certified coffee graders evaluate the quality of coffee: origin, appearance (defects) of green beans, aromatic and taste qualities of already brewed coffee. Coffee receives the “Specialty” status only when it gets more than 80 points out of 100.
This Ethiopian region is famous for the most valued coffee in the world. Gourmets are fascinated by those unique berry, citrus flavours and extremely light and elegant body.
In the homeland of coffee in Ethiopia, thousands of native species of coffee trees grow naturally, under one common name “Heirloom”. Many of them have not yet been discovered, and we are tasting one of the treasures already found.
1800 - 2000 m
The higher the coffee trees grow, the more complex, deeper and more interesting flavour you get. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is the nearest to sky grown coffee in our assortment.
During the wet processing coffee bean is separated from the berry using water. As a result, coffee has a very clean taste, it reveals notes of fruits and berries. It is easier to determine predominant tasting notes when processing this way.
Coffee beans are roasted till such a level so that all the best tasting notes of coffee would be revealed, but none of them, as well as the coffee bean itself, would be overburnt.


Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, 250 g


Recommended brewing methods

Cold brew with Asobu

The coffee prepared with the Asobu “Cold Brew” is extremely refreshing, rich and sweet in taste. Add pre-ground coffee, pour cold water and leave still for 12 hours. Sip it just like that or season with other ingredients. Extremely delicious with orange juice, honey and ice cubes.

A cup of coffee with Chemex

African coffes are just meant to be prepared with Chemex. Add pre-ground coffee into a pre-moistened paper filter of Chemex and slowly pour water in a circular motion. Enjoy the lightness of coffee and the unfolding notes of berries and citruses.

Perfect espresso just with one touch!

One of the best espressos we have ever tasted was prepared from Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Just press the button of your automatic espresso machine and enjoy the perfect taste. At the summer time try it with tonic, ice cubes and a slice of lime.