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£1000 Annual Student Scholarship

Hello there from us - the Coffee Mate!

Let’s introduce ourselves. Firstly, we are coffee lovers who supply high-quality coffee machines, and we are an excellent example of successful business. We have clients in over 9 countries, and we could truly say that we know the rocky road to success, and how long it usually takes. Especially for students, it might take ages to reach certain goals, that’s why we’re happy to financially support one student’s dream with £1000 Annual Creative Scholarship for any U.S. or E.U. student. All you need to do is to show your creativity! More details below.

DEADLINE:  2018-12-31

Who can apply?

A person who currently has a legal student status in our Universities and Colleges partner list.

How to apply?

Press the button “APPLY”, then enter your personal details and upload an essay. The essay must comply the following conditions:

  • Original content and text
  • At least 700 words length
  • At least one keyword: coffee, coffee machines, coffee maker, coffee beans, coffee capsules, coffee pads
  • The topic – independently chosen subject
  • Format – fee format, can be educational or creative writing

The most creative and original essay will be selected by The Coffee Mate's Content Marketing department.

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