Recipes for a refreshing weekend - The Coffee Mate

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Let’s open the season of garden breakfasts and picnics outside in sun, Mates, because summer is almost here! Because there’s nothing more refreshing than sipping on an ice-cold coffee to beat the summer heat.

A piece of exotic Greece

No need to travel anywhere, because you can enjoy a perfect drink and a peace of Greece right at home! Sweet, light and definitely refreshing – no wonder it’s one of the most popular iced coffee drinks.

For this recipe we recommend

Frappe mix
Fonte “Vanilla Frappé”

Blender Blendtec
“Designer 725 Gunmetal”

Coffee glasses
Café Sommelier “Latte Macchiato”

Spicy and mysterious

When everything’s tried out and you’re looking for something interesting and mysterious - we recommend trying a refreshing and sweet solution of iced chai cocktail.

For this recipe we recommend:

Exotic spices tea
David Rio “Tiger Chai”

Coffee Mate’s beans
“Caprissimo Fragrante”

Blender Blendtec „Designer
725 Stainless Steel“

Fusion of red accents

Ice-cold coffee complemented with bright flavours of citrus and berries sounds like a compelling way to start a Sunday morning. Breathe in the smell of a good day.

For this recipe we recommend:

Coffee beans
Café Liégeois “Magnifico”

Syrup for coffee
Cherry Rocher “Vanilla”

Energy bomb for sleepless summer nights

We’re not joking about sleepless nights when talking about this drink. Especially strong, yet refreshing combination of probably most popular drinks will definitely surprise you.

For this recipe we recommend:

Coffee beans
“Parallel 12”

Coffee Mate’s beans

Simple, yet amazingly fresh

For those who can’t survive the day without a shot of glorious espresso, this drink will definitely come in handy during a hot summer day. Simple, strong and with a pinch of summer flavour to brighten your day.

For this recipe we recommend:

Coffee Mate’s
beans “Maragogype”

Coffee beans
„Parallel 36“

Coffee Mate’s
Espresso glass set

Summer fling

Refreshing, tasty, a true symbol of summer – perfectly balanced ice tea. Invite your friends and enjoy this blend of summer flavours.

For this recipe we recommend:

Green tea
“Gunpowder Green Tea”

Syrup for coffee
Cherry Rocher “Caramel”

Coffee Mate’s
Latte glass