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Tasting box #4 —4 different types of coffees to try!

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Coffee beans


The Coffee Mate


700 g

About product

NEW coffee tasting box #4! We changed up coffee beans inside, so if you tried our Box  #1, #2 and #3, you should grab the #4 and try four new flavours!

We want to give an opportunity for every coffee lover to try out coffee beans they haven’t tried before and experience the amazing feeling of discovering a new taste or aroma. We want to give you a chance to explore, try out new coffee mixes and find your favourite ones! Tasting box no. 4 — with the opportunity to try a drink from four different coffee mixes. Each month we change the coffees inside! 

Every package in the box is marked with numbers #1, #2, #3 and #4. Before tasting you will know nothing about where the beans came from, which roast level or strength they are — in other words, you will know literally nothing about the coffee you’re about to try. All the work is left for your trusty taste receptors.

You will find four packs of coffee in the box (150 grams in each), tasting guide, which will allow you to throw a tasting party in your home and a booklet, which you should open and read after your tasting. In the booklet you will find out which coffee was hidden under each number.

No added flavours.


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