Instant tea Chalo “Lemon Iced Chai”, 300 g

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Technical characteristics

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Tea packageInstant tea
Weight300 g
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Refresh with Chalo Iced Chai’s! 

Chalo “Lemon Iced Chai” will surprise you with fresh, fruity and sweet lemony taste. This delicious iced tea premix is perfect for hot summer days or whenever you want to have a dose of vitamins. Refreshing lemon flavour will give you a boost of energy. Enjoy!


Dissolve 20 g of instant iced tea in 50 ml of hot water, gently stir it up, add 6 ice cubes and pour 200 ml of cold water. Cheers!

Chalo iced chai’s are made from premix powder, which is perfect for homemade iced tea. Based on 100% natural and unrefined cane sugar. You will taste only flavours directly from the fruit itself. Vegan friendly.

The package contains at least 15 delicious portions.   

INGREDIENTS: jaggery (70 %), maltodextrin, black tea extract (2,8 %), citric acid (2 %), lemon (1 %). 

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