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Coffee mug Goat Story “Goat Mug Black”, 350 ml

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Technical characteristics About product
Product is no longer in production.

Technical characteristics


Thermo cups


ZKOTZ d.o.o.


350 ml


21 cm


8 cm

Country of Origin





188 g

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About product

The Goat Mug is a unique horn-shaped coffee mug that brings style to your coffee drinking. It comes with a set of two faux leather straps for easy carrying and a special holder that turns into a stand for your mug.

Additional features:

– Easy to carry: Use straps and attach the mug to your bag or wear it across your shoulders.
– Easy to open: Use just one hand to open and close your mug.
– Hot drinks: It will keep your coffee warm for longer, so you can still enjoy it fresh.
– 100% leak proof: Forget about annoying coffee spills, that’s not your problem anymore!
– Easy to clean: A simple rinse will do the trick.
– Dishwasher safe: Just remove the leather parts first.
– BPA free: The mug is made of BPA FREE materials, which makes your drink safe, too.

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