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Coffee bean set “Single Origin”, 750g

Technical characteristics

The Coffee Mate

Coffee kind


Preparation type

For coffee machines


750 g


3 units

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About product

Coffee Mate’s beans “Yirgacheffe”, 250g

“Yirgacheffe” – coffee beans that came from the region of the same name in Ethiopia. These beans have grown on the old kind of Ethiopian arabica coffee trees. Extraordinary, because it has been washed and dryed in hammocks for 12 weeks.

This coffee has very light and clear consistency. Has intense aroma of caramel and ripen forest fruit (blackberries and blueberries). Taste contains a perfect blend of forest fruit sweetness and elegant acidity.

No added flavours.

Coffee Mate’s beans “Gesha”, 250g

Complex aroma and taste 100% Arabica from Kaffa region. Gesha, like all Arabica, has connections with Ethiopia and got its name from Gesha town in Bench Maji.

Grown 1800 – 2000 m. above the sea level, Gesha beans are then processed in a well-known Bebeka farm in a dry, natural way.

There’s a hint of oranges in the aroma. Taste is dominated by wild blueberries with apple cider and dried plums. Very pleasant berry sourness turns into sweetness with long lasting ripe blueberry aftertaste.

No added flavours.

Coffee beans “Sumatra Koptain Gayo Besseri”, 250g

On Sumatra island, in Indonesia, the exceptionally perfect climate of the Aceh region allows for growing these coffee beans. The 100% Arabica coffee will surprise you with soft, sweet pine nut and brown sugar taste. Prepared drink will reveal caramel, strong cinnamon and tobacco leaf taste. Aftertaste is dominated by red wine and black chocolate notes.

No added flavours.


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