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Coffee bean set “Caprissimo Trio”, 3 kg

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The Coffee Mate

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3 kg

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About product

Coffee Mate’s beans “Caprissimo Professional”, 1 kg

This is an aromatic mix of Arabica beans grown in South America and India. The aroma of prepared coffee reminds of ripened cherry compote. There’s a light cherry sourness in the taste.

No added flavours.

Coffee Mate’s beans “Caprissimo Belgique”, 1 kg

This is a blend of 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta coffee beans. If prepared correctly, it has a syrupy consistency, hard body and strong aroma. It leaves a long-lasting dark chocolate and sweet caramel aftertaste.

No added flavours.

Coffee Mate’s beans “Caprissimo Fragrante” 1 kg

A mix of two Brazilian coffees. The aroma is warm, with a nutty, buttery and chocolate candy sweetness. In the taste you will discover milk chocolate notes and an easy aftertaste of slightly bitter walnuts.

No added flavours.


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