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Cleaning set “Xavax”

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67 g

About product

Cleaning set (4 parts) for automatic coffee machine with milk pipes. 

Long milk pipes are hard to take care of since milk has fat, lactose and protein, which make it difficult for automatic rinsing programs to fully clean. These leftovers will ruin the taste of your coffee and clog up your pipes, which can be the main cause of bad quality milk foam. The only safe and reliable way to clean it is with a special brush.

In this set you will find: Brush for milk pipe, 2 brushes for tubes and a cleaning brush (to clean coffee grounds from the grinder, filter holder and other parts). 

Make sure to clean the milk pipe in the evening after your last cup so milk leftovers don’t stay in those pipes through the night. Run a rinsing program after manually cleaning the pipe.

Daily maintenance of your machine will not only guarantee the best possible taste of your drinks, but also will make sure your machine functions properly. 


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