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For an iced-coffee preparation at home


Ground coffee

Ground coffee is the key to a perfect cup of cold brew coffee. Having a wide variety of flavours, we believe that everybody will find the right fit for a perfect and refreshing cup.

Sweetbird frappe mixes -25%

Delicious, sweet and unexpectedly refreshing. A glass of frappé cocktail is what every sweet tooth needs on a warm and cosy summer afternoon. Explore the possibilities with various flavours of frappe mixes, you won't regret it.


Asobu cold brew -20%

A portable and easy to use coffee maker is two-in-one cold brewer that doesn’t need to be refrigerated at all, making it the most convenient option in the market.

Goat story “Gina” coffee makers

A coffee maker that allows you to brew coffee using pour over, immersion and cold drip. Talk about multitasking, right? For any occasion or any coffee preference during the day.

Slow Drip Brewer Hario “Shizuku” -10%

An innovative coffee brewing tool used for slow drip, cold brew coffee preparation, which preserves all the best properties of your favourite coffee, without any bitter acids or oils.

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