Create your own recipe in three steps

Nothing says “summertime” like sipping on a cold refreshing homemade drink. Even though it's not nearly as hot as the weather in July, it's still nice to spend some time outside and relax from the stressful day at work. Here are a couple of our extras to help you create the most delicious summer drink.

Where to start?

With your favourite cup or glass, of course! Are you going to share your recipe with a friend? Take a large kettle or choose an automatic coffee machine, there will be plenty for all. Try a classic espresso on the rocks with a slice of refreshing lime or try an ice-cold indian chai latte with exotic spices.


Choose the preparation method

Flavour of the day

In need of energy or refreshment? Why not both! Go bold and try a strong coffee cocktail made with Russchian Schweppes and fruit flavoured syrup. The bubbles and caffeine will keep you energized for a long day at work or get you ready for a dance off at any party. But if you're looking for a milder drink, try a glass of cold tea from natural purees, you'll be surprised.


Choose the drink

Last touches

Whether it's a pinch of chocolate or a drop of your favourite syrup, something has to make it extraordinary. Experiment with flavours and try something new. Today we present to you Dalgona coffee – easily prepared whipped iced coffee drink. The recipe is easy to remember, everything goes in twos: 2 tbs of instant coffee, sugar and water. Mix it all and pour it over your chosen plant-based milk on ice.


Extras to make it sparkle

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