Café Liégeois “Venezia Corsato” coffee beans -40%

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Coffee tastes even better when it’s freshly roasted! We’re happy to present a line of speciality coffees that come from smallholder farms, are roasted locally in the UK and dispatched just 2 days right after roasting to your home or office. We roast and allow a day to pack and let the beans rest after high-temperature affects. Every single package has the date of roasting, so you know exactly how fresh your coffee is. To ensure the best quality, we recommend to use the coffee beans during 6 months from the roasting date. In our assortment we have differet ethically sourced coffees from Africa and America, also Decaf option and a special, well balanced blend that’s great for any occasion. Also, our freshly roasted coffee beans are considered specialty, because they have higher than 80 SCAA cupping score.