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Professional coffee machines for cafes and bars. These devices have increased internal capacities and are more powerful, so they are able to serve larger streams of coffee. Or it can be perfect for those who want to free their inner barista and enjoy the coffee making process. Professional coffee machines are divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic coffee machines. Semi-automatic coffee machines allow you to adjust the boiling temperature of the coffee maker individually. As you know, the taste of the coffee depends on the temperature – if the water is hotter than the recommended temperature of 91-93 degrees, the taste of the coffee will be more intense, if the water is colder – the acidity will break out. As a result, professional semi-automatic coffee machines allow you to experiment with coffee aftertastes. Also, these semi-automatic coffee machines allow you to change the pressure, depending on the coffee grounding and roasting. Because milk is prepared separately, skills are needed to prepare the right temperature and good tasting milk. For this reason, when choosing professional coffee machines, it is important to evaluate who will make the coffee – whether a barista or a non-skilled worker. With full automatic professional coffee machines, their distinctive features include easy-to-use and high-quality coffee with a single click. However, most manufacturers make it possible to determine their own coffee-making functions. We offer a wide range of professional automatic and semi-automatic coffee machines. We will find the best choice for you! For pricing and more details please contact us.