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Revolution in milk system maintenance – sparkling clean every day!

To good coffee at home
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Today the joy of home-made gourmet coffee prepared with a single touch of a button is a mission very much possible. However, keeping the coffee machine clean is not as simple as that. Poor maintenance could not only damage taste quality, but it could become the main reason of your coffee machine’s failure.

So, how to enjoy your favourite coffee and long serving coffee machine without investing a lot of time into it? Check out the tips and tricks below, and we promise to surprise you with a revolutionary way to maintain your milk system.

Sparkling clean – for highest quality taste

I believe you already know that great coffee flavour does not depend only on high quality coffee beans and a fancy machine. Your coffee machine needs constant care to serve one great cup after another. I’ve already mentioned that the lack of hygiene is one of the main causes of your coffee machine’s failure. But did you know that this cause of failure is not covered by warranty? We got this confirmed by Kasparas, The Coffee Mate’s head of service centre. According to him, improper maintenance gives the manufacturer the right to dismiss warranty, and problems caused by lack of care usually are pretty pricey to solve. So, how to take care of your coffee machine properly and avoid this situation? Check out these tips and tricks:

1. Daily milk system cleaning

All Coffee Mates would unanimously agree on the fact that cleaning the milk system requires the most attention. And of course, milk residue or even spoiled milk would not only ruin the taste of the drink, but also get in a way of perfect milk foam preparation. So, hygiene is your number one duty. “Rinsing function” will rinse the milk system, but won’t clean it entirely – it’s only the first step. It’s important to clean it by hand under the water stream every day, if needed, use special cleaners or other maintenance supplies for removable parts. Repeat the procedure daily in order to avoid long leftover scraping. In addition, during an especially hot summer, if the coffee machine is placed in a really warm place, I would recommend cleaning the milk system even twice per day, just to be sure.

2. Grounds container and drip tray – cleaning at the end of each day

Coffee machine’s drip tray and used coffee grounds container should be emptied and cleaned at the end of each day. This way extraneous scents won’t accumulate, as the fluids entering the area will not start fermenting.

3. Cleaning of a brewing unit – once in 2-3 weeks

It doesn’t require an everyday care, however once or twice a month would be more than ideal.

The rest depends on the coffee preparation frequency and water hardness. The coffee machine itself will inform you when it needs descaling or other cleaning procedures that require special measures.

Newest “LatteGo” milk system – comfortable to use and maintain

We can find any sort of coffee machine models with different milk systems, however they usually consist of a milk tube or a milk tank with small connecting pieces that are rather annoying to clean. In order to make the maintenance of the milk system as easy as the coffee preparation process, dutch manufacturer “Philips” introduced an exclusive “LatteGo” milk system.

When comparing to competitors, the main advantage of “LatteGo” is an integrated milk tank consisting of only two parts, which are also labeled with an indication for “1” and “2” cups. Now you will always know how much milk to pour for a wanted count of cups. Another advantage of this particular milk system is an extremely fast wash – you will need less than 15 seconds to clean it. Hard to believe? I dare you to try. Another perk – the milk system is milk system is dishwasher safe just in case you don’t want to get your hands wet.

Convenient use and an exceptionally easy control are not the only things worth the attention. All coffee beverages will always be covered with a silky, fluffy and idealy temperatured milk foam. “LatteGo” system will quickly mix milk and air in a special container to reach the best results.

With “Philips” coffee machines – variety of delicious coffee quickly and easily

Fully automatic espresso coffee machine with a revolutionary milk system Philips “5000 LatteGo” has even more to offer. The manufacturer installed a ceramic mill which stands out as durable, quiet, and rustproof. It also has 5 grinding levels that help obtain different features of prepared coffee. In addition, ceramic mills protect the beans from overheating and burnt aftertaste – that’s why coffee drinks will always be more than delicious.

You will not only enjoy a well ground coffee, but will be able to choose any coffee drink within seconds. Black coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, caffe Americano, Café au Lait – which one is your favourite? You will be able to save an individual recipe: preferred drink temperature, strength and milk to coffee ratio.

No matter if you’re in a hurry to work or just slowly enjoying your Saturday morning – delicious taste, silky milk foam and easy maintenance with “LatteGo” milk system could be enjoyable any time. Just don’t forget that regular cleaning will allow you to enjoy delicious drinks, and guarantee your coffee machine is capable to serve them for a long time!