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Recipe for a perfect milk coffee – Machine Cleanliness

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Except for those diehard ‘black coffee or nothing’ coffee fans, most coffee lovers would agree that a cup of coffee needs at least a splash of milk. But most of us want more than a splash… so we get a coffee machine that does the milk too. If that includes you, remember that when it comes to milk – cleanliness is next to godliness. Anything that has touched milk needs to be kept clean.

Why Clean Your Coffee Machine?

This may seem a bit prescriptive and fussy, especially after you have just got a machine which does everything for you, but think about it…

If you are putting milk through a machine, there is bound to be some milk still stuck to the insides of the pipes.

  • And have you ever smelt old milk? You want that smell in your next coffee?
  • And have you ever thought of the build-up of old milk in a precision machine?

The answer is obvious – right? Clean away the milk once you’ve used it.

How to Clean Your Coffee Machine

If you have a machine with an auto milk system, it will also have a cleaning programme.

And all you have to do is follow the instructions – just add a mixture of cleaning liquid and water, put in the milk pipe and the machine’s screen will tell you the rest.

Every now and again you will obviously have to put in some elbow grease and manually scrub everything. But it all comes apart easily and a good scrub in hot water will get rid of all the gunk. If your coffee machine has an additional milk container, you will have to clean that bit separately. Just take it apart and clean properly under hot running water.

And if you just have a milk frother, all you do is soak it in warm water for at least 10 minutes (or overnight if that is easier for you). Then rinse and you are good to go.

What about the Chemicals in Coffee Cleaner?

Don’t worry. They are all safe and most are from natural ingredients (based on soda, for example) so they won’t harm you – and more importantly, they won’t affect the flavour of your coffee!

Clean Coffee Machine Success!

All a bit prescriptive. But essential. Clean your coffee machine properly you will have delicious milky coffee year after year after year – certainly worth it! Pop over to our online shop for all the care products you need. We have got you covered.