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How to store coffee beans at home

Ieva Poniškaitytė
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Most of us fuss about Arabica being better than Robusta when the only thing that matters is how we and maintain both of these amazingly delicious coffee beans. In order to enjoy a perfect cup every day, we have a few pointers on how you should store your coffee at home so it stays fresh and full of flavour.

Ground vs beans

store coffee beans in special container

It’s not a competition, but coffee beans would definitely take golden medal if there was one. Ground coffee has a far shorter shelf life because of two reasons: larger surface area for oxidation and quickly released carbon dioxide. Simply speaking, these factors are responsible for coffee becoming stale and losing the most valuable volatile substances.

That’s why we recommend to grind your beans right before brewing, or have a small amount prepared for your next couple of cups. After all, coffee is like any other food, it tastes best when it’s fresh.

Where, how and why?

There are two ways of storing your coffee beans at home: at room temperature or in the freezer. Both methods are considered good for coffee to stay as fresh as possible.

If the beans came in an airtight bag or container, great! Just leave them unopened in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight until you are ready to use them. If not – choose a sealed metal, glass or ceramic container and put it in a dark cupboard away from the heat. This way you will slow down the staling process and be able to enjoy an excellent quality coffee. If properly stored, coffee beans could last between 1-3 months. After all, how long can you keep good coffee waiting? Right?

But what if you saw an amazing deal or accidentally bought a bag too many? There is no need to drink all the bags at once when you can always store your coffee beans in the freezer. This way, you can get a perfect deal on your favourite coffee and still enjoy a fresh cup every day.

store coffee beans in the freezer

Divide the beans into single-use portions and store them in airtight reusable, resealable zipper storage bags or airtight containers. Once ready to prepare your morning coffee, simply take a bag out, grind your beans up, brew the way you love the most and enjoy. Don’t forget to write the date of storage to track how long they’ve been left there in the cold! Frozen coffee beans might stay fresh longer and the flavours will stay preserved for several months. But keep in mind the freezer burn – drink your coffee while it’s good.

So as you can see, coffee is a reasonable drink, which could adjust to your drinking habits, no matter what type you choose.