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7 unusual gift ideas for a coffee lover


No one likes to panic about gifts 3 days before Christmas, right? This is where we, as a Coffee Mate come in, and we will help you to prepare for Christmas fever properly. Today I found you 8 interesting Christmas gifts ideas which every coffee love would love. No cups, I promise!

Coffee plant

OK OK, let’s be honest, you probably will not grow a plantation and start your own coffee business from that. However, as a decoration in real coffee lover’s home, it fits perfectly. If taken care of properly, coffee tree might bloom in summer and the most patient ones can even find a few coffee fruits. Usual home temperature fits nicely for this plant, and it doesn’t require as much sun as you might think. You can find one on Amazon or the closest flower shop.


Coffee degustation or barista class

It may become an unconventional way to spend your time with friends and expand your coffee knowledge to another level. With a help of real professional you will get to know not only about the history of coffee, but also learn to prepare fancy coffee drinks yourself.


No matter how much you love coffee, there will always be a place for a cup of tea. I secretly believe that the ones who state that they don’t like tea haven’t actually had a good cup of it. Christmas might be a great chance to get your friends or family on the right path. You can begin with, for example, Harney and Sons products. Bottomless cup of tea, ginger cookies and Christmas lights in the background will never go out of fashion.

Unusual coffee maker

What if we prepared coffee differently from all the others? There are many unusual coffee brewing methods: Aeropress, Hario V60, Chemex, French Press. The other, a bit less known one – Bacchi – is a real Italian espresso brewer, which will work even when your electricity is gone. This especially sturdy coffee maker can be perfect for classic machinery lovers, who prefer traditional methods over automatic. The only its disadvantage – this interesting machine will always raise questions from you guest and you will have to share coffee with them.

Book about coffee

Tips on Youtube or blogs (especially, this one) are always good, but you shouldn’t forget the old treasures of wisdom – books. Most of the time they provide deeper and more detailed knowledge, so if you have a friend who dreams about being a coffee PhD, it may be a perfect gift for him. The variety of coffee books is really wide, for example, in our shelf we have Anette Moldvaer book „Coffee Obsession“, which unveils secrets of the best coffee, from the coffee bean to your cup. Also coffee lovers recommend „The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee“ by  James Freeman and „God in a Cup“ by Michaele Weissman. Books are always good…looking on your shelf.

Coffee machine

Coffee machines not necessarily have to be big or expensive, so they can be a present even before 50th anniversary. For example, Lelit PL41E. Even though this little fellow might not look much different from other semi-automatic coffee machines, the quality of produced coffee is way ahead of competitors. Armed with high class functionality and professional milk frother, it fits perfectly for good coffee at home or small offices.


You really believed that probably the most popular gift ever would not be on Christmas gift list? Really? The assortment of cups has no beginning and no end, so this year I suggest you surprise your relatives with something more special than just a white cup with a Christmas star on its side. For example, these playfully colourful „Loveramics Egg“ cups may be perfect for that.

Did help you to choose a perfect present? If you have something to add to this list – add a comment below or tell us what was the best gift you have ever found under Christmas tree 😉