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6 ways to brew great coffee while camping

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Even the most hardcore coffee drinkers are often surprised when they are told that they can brew coffee anywhere; that you don’t need an electrical machine to get great coffee. Seriously, some of the best coffee I’ve had has been when I’ve been out camping in the woods.

Interested? Let me show you how…

Coffee whilst exercising – pump yourself an espresso

Even though this fun gadget might remind you of a bike pump, it is way more useful, because it can brew you coffee when you need it the most! The “Handpresso Pump“ is a hand-operated pump which lets you build up enough pressure to make a great espresso anywhere.

And of course, if you are serious about making good coffee in the wild, machines like the “Pump” weigh less than a kilogram so are easy to carry around. The “Pump Press” will make coffee from both ground coffee or coffee pods.

Take your favourite coffee with you – more than a traditional thermos

Ok, I might be taking liberties here a little, as you don’t actually make the coffee when you are out and about, but something to consider as the results are guaranteed, every single time. For shorter trips you can always brew your favourite coffee at home and take it with you in a thermos.

For example, the “Mighty Mug” (the first Thermo cup that does not fall over if bumped) can keep your drink warm for up to 6 hours. I certainly found it worked well when I sat at the top of Scafell Pike and had a lovely hot coffee to drive out the cold and rain.

Coffee gourmet’s best friend – the Aeropress

Seriously, if you use an Aeropress at home, you will know that it is compact and light. Plus, thanks to its’ sturdy and simple construction, the Aeropress is almost indestructible. However, you will need some hot water to use it. But that’s easy, a simple fire or camping stove and a kettle will sort you out. Otherwise you can take some hot water along with you in a Thermo mug.

Keep fresh in the summer – cold brewing

If you are planning a summer trip, then consider making cold brew coffee, which is refreshing with a unique subtle flavour. To brew it, all you need to do is pour cold water over ground coffee and leave it to steep for 12 – 36 hours.

Do check out my previous post on alternative coffee brewing methods to find out more. The best part is that you don’t need any gadgets for cold brewing, only a sealed container and a little patience as the coffee steeps.

Take your machine for a drive – coffee on wheels

Even though most people associate coffee in a car with paper cups and coffee from a service station, it doesn’t have to be like that.  Even in your car, you can make coffee just the way you like it. Get yourself a car coffee machine like the Handpresso Auto, plug it into the 12 Volt socket and turn your car into your very own café on wheels.

Brew coffee like in the movies – cowboy coffee

Lastly, let’s talk about coffee for real nature lovers and adventurers – the so-called cowboy method. All you need is some ground coffee and a kettle or those metal coffee pots you see in the cowboy movies. And maybe a cowboy hat for the full experience.

Brewing coffee this way is really simple: you boil some water in your kettle or tin coffee jug, let it cool down a little, add the ground coffee and heat it a little more. Leave it for a few minutes to steep for some real cowboy style coffee.

The taste and quality of the coffee may vary depending on your cowboying skills, but it will be spot on in terms of the authentic cowboy experience.

So, have you found your brewing method for the next trip? If not, check our portable coffee machines category and you will surely find something! As always, if you know more secrets of brewing the good coffee outdoors, please share it with coffee mates in the comments. Have a tasty trip!